Thursday, March 15, 2012

Special Offer for Parents of Russian-Speaking Children

This is a different kind of post - no personal family experience or parenting/educational tips to share today. However, I received a box of comic book style "bibles" and would like to get them into the hands of families that can use them.  The title of the book is "The Life of Christ and the History of the First Church."  They are very nicely illustrated and the story is 239 pages long.  In the back, the traditional "Romans Road to Salvation" is presented in typical text form.

If you'd like to have one of these books, I would be very happy to send one to you.  The offer is good while my supply lasts.  These books retail on the internet for $7-8, plus shipping.  If you'd like to have one, I can send you a copy for $5 (which will go 100% toward helping orphans in Eastern Europe), plus $3.99 shipping.  I will accept payment via Paypal or personal check.  Simply email me at TraumaMamaT at gmail dot com, and we'll make arrangements to get a copy to you.

If you're a blogger, and parents of kids from Russian-speaking countries follow your blog, PLEASE feel free to SHARE a link to this offer!

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