Friday, March 2, 2012

Ministry, Dirt & Bubble Baths

Be careful what you tell God.  Don’t pray, “Okay, LORD, whatever you want me to do, I’m ready” unless you really mean it.  You could end up with a couple of extra kids.  Some of them might have some significant challenges they’ll need you to help them overcome, or at least learn to navigate.  You could end up in a job you never dreamed you’d have because you never even knew that job existed.  You could be working with people and helping hurting people.  You could get dirty. 

Have you ever played in the dirt?

Dirt is where things grow.  Playing in the dirt is good for the soul – good for the emotions.  Planting something, watering it, and watching it grow gives one a sense of satisfaction like no other.  Even making mud pies can be quite therapeutic in its dirtiness.  They return to themselves.  Feeling the warm sun on your back, or even turning your face up into it and soaking in those vitamin D rays for a few seconds feels good. 

Getting dirty can be pretty cool.  There’s always that nice warm bubble bath or shower waiting when we’re done.  And THAT always feels especially nice when we’ve played HARD in the dirt.

What are you doing to minister to the heart of your hurt kid?  Would you be willing to share an idea or two here?  Are you a little bit too caught up in the dirt right now – maybe even a little muddy and mucky?  It’s okay to share that here, too.  We trauma mamas love the privilege of drawing nice, warm bubble bath water for our sisters.

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