Monday, April 30, 2012


My friend, Diana wrote about "The Importance of Boundaries and Safety" on her blog today.  She based her post on Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs but added another basic need that is the base for the entire thing:  safety.  I couldn't agree more.

Our family, too, has had to set up necessary and sometimes often very painful and very isolating boundaries over the past four and a half years.  I've been called "adversarial," "too intense," "over-the-top," and "a b*tch."  Yet, like Diana and her family, without the boundaries, our lives are chaos at home.  It all boils down to our kids feeling safe, whether that feeling is rational or not in someone else's eyes.

It is lonely here.

I recommend you read Diana's post.

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Diana said...

Thanks for the plug. :-) I especially appreciate it because many of my former readers don't know I shut down Gold to Refine (for safety reasons!!) and that I'm now blogging at a new location.

YES, it is lonely. Yes, it is hard. But YES, safety is absolutely necessary...for safety reasons, AND for healing reasons. I'm pretty sure Maslow and I are going to have a good discussion about this in the great beyond because, revolutionary as his work was, he still missed the mark on where safety really falls in the hierarchy. :-)